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We are pleased to be re-launching the Three Circles Journal (online).  We currently have a selection of articles, curriculum and publications exemplifying the Three Circles model of cultures, ecologies, and communities in dynamic interaction.   We also offer an archive of the original Journals published in the 1990s and links to resources from allied organizations and individuals.


Insights and experiences of multicultural environmental education from around the world.


Ideas and tools to help you bring multicultural environmental education into your practice


Books and papers to go deeper into topics


Archived Journals
PDFs of original Journals from the 1990s


Helpful Links
Introductions and links to resources from colleagues and allied organizations


Recent Additions

Helpful Links  
  • Searching for the Gold Spot: The Wild After Wildfire--Watch the trailer--A new film from Maya Khosla
Publications now includes summaries of three recent books that explore the relationships between culture and nature.
  • Christine Sleeter's novel, White Bread;
  • Lauret Savoy's Trace, an exploration of history, race and geography; and
  • Carolyn Finney's Black Faces, White Places, which looks deeply at how the natural environment has been understood, commodified, and represented by both white and black Americans.
Also - lots of resources and references from the March 2016 NatureBridge workshop,"Multicultural Approaches to Outdoor, Science, and Environmental Education"

New in Curriculum

Amy Vinlove shared her place-based mapping and curriculum development project, including a Prezi presentation and downloadable guide.  She also shared her recent article in Journal of Sustainability Education: Place, Positionality and Teacher Preparation. (added 4/12/16) Jessica Levine contributed an update to the Cultural Watersheds curriculum concept - Personal Watersheds  includes helpful handouts and rubric you can download and use. (added 12/10/15)

New in Articles

Running-Grass participated in this newly released video  "Our Story: Climate Justice/Environmental Justice" by Laura Stewart and Julian Kane. Kim Moreland contributed an article on Ghost Net Art Project: Creativity, Community, Environmental Education  (added 11/16/15) Maya Khosla contributed an article on A Light Goes Out (added 10/18/15)

Featured Events

NatureBridge Workshop 2018

For the third year in a row, Running-Grass will conduct a 2-day multicultural environmental education workshop at the Olympic campus of NatureBridge.  This popular workshop is for teachers, outdoor and environmental educators, and will blend inside instruction with outdoor activities. Limited scholarships are available by application. More information….

Please visit our events page for full listing of upcoming and past events.


Your visit here meant a great deal to us, adding perspective and inspiration to our work and helping us to understand our convictions in a new way.

Oliver Barton Director, New Haven Ecology Project

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