JMEE Volume 1 Issue 2 1992

Journal of Multi-Cultural Environmental Education Contents: A Call to Action: National Conference Gives Birth to a New Environmental Movement When I am Awake, I am Still With Thee (poem) New Pathways and Unexpected Traditions Managers of Public Lands Visit Inner City Youth Opportunities Program in Boston Workshop Series Bibliography: Multicultural Stories with Environmental Themes   […]

Ghost Net Art Project: Creativity, Community, Environmental Education

In Australia’s far north in the Gulf of Carpentaria, ghost nets (discarded or abandoned fishing nets) are devastating endangered marine life.  Six of the world’s seven marine turtle species swim in these waters and make up 80% of the marine life found caught in the nets (, 2015). GhostNets Australia was established in 2004 as […]

I teach science. Can I be a multicultural educator?

Source: The National Association for Multicultural Education: Advancing and Advocating for Social Justice & Equity We often hear statements like the following: “Science is a neutral subject.” “Science has nothing to do with culture or politics.” “It’s an objective discipline based on a fixed body of knowledge that has been proven over time.” Most of all, […]

Mayah’s Lot

Source: Center for Urban Environmental Reform Mayah’s Lot is an environmental justice graphic novel produced by The Center for Urban Environmental Reform, a Social Justice Initiative of the City University of New York School of Law. This is a great resource for community groups and educators to use with their students. Contact CUER for copies of […]

A Light Goes Out

Shortly after 11 p.m. on the night of Thursday May 30, 2013, a truck with five passengers slowed to a halt in the stillness of Costa Rica’s Moin Beach. With the engine’s drone lowered to idle, the boom and back-sizzle of waves to the east grew more pronounced. Headlights lit up a fallen palm tree […]

Discovering and Integrating Environmental Perspectives

A Presentation by Running-Grass, Executive Director, Three Circles Center for Multicultural Environmental Education© at the 25th anniversary conference of the National Association for Multicultural Education, New Orleans, LA Discovering, Including and Integrating Environmental Perspectives and Values in Multicultural Education  

Cultural Watershed

The Cultural Watershed activity is designed to bridge and align personal identity and landscape through reflection, art and dialogue.  After introducing students to the concept of a watershed, the watercycle and the “factors of diversity” that shape their identities, they are invited to sketch an imaginary watershed mural that includes as many forms of water […]

The Cultural Ecotone Walk

The Cultural Ecotone Walk was originally developed in the San Francisco Bay area with the help of middle and high school students. The ecological concept of an ecotone was applied to culturally distinct neighborhoods and used to explore the physical and cultural boundaries of the neighborhoods. In San Francisco we explored the Chinatown and North […]